The Seacret Project – A Fascinating Journey of Restoring a Porsche GT4 RS Weissach

Our passion for cars inspired us to revive a Porsche GT4 RS that had been sitting for days in a flooded underground parking garage in Slovenia. This sports car had just made its way to the vinyl wrapper to be adorned with a matte paint protection film when fate struck.

With a current mileage of only 700 kilometers and a first registration in June 2023, this Porsche was a true gem, unfortunately besieged by the floodwaters.

But we are not deterred by challenges – on the contrary, we see it as an opportunity to showcase our skills and passion.

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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the “Seacret Project“, where we guide you step by step through the restoration. There, we not only share the progress but also the exciting stories and backgrounds that make this project so special.

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